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  • Efficient imaging of the pallet size measurement system: Spider-Man uses advanced sensing technology to accurately determine the size of the cargo. Its ability to capture the dimensions of regulatory certification helps ensure compliance with freight regulations and prevent loss of revenue due to miscalculation of dimensions. Spider-Man is the ideal partner for LTL freight carriers and departments with a high percentage of products that need to be transported by pallets or crates. It eliminates the possibility of human error and the extra labor of manually determining the stereo size.

  • Enhanced image: Up to four cameras can be added to capture images of the goods in order to visually verify the original condition of the goods during measurement. The image can include dimensions, time and date stamps.

  • 360° design: Because there are no moving parts and a fixed design, Spider-Man is actually maintenance-free. And because it is installed on the ceiling, the tray can be placed in a target measurement area of ​​8 x 8 feet from any position of 360 degrees. Its advanced imaging technology even measures pallet goods within 0.5 inches of accuracy at an amazing speed of 2-3 seconds.

  • Forklift operator display: The operator display is installed on the system to provide the forklift driver with visual effects of cargo size. Once the pallet size measurement is completed, the length, width, and height measurement values ​​and a "removal" message will be displayed, indicating that the system has completed the size measurement and the forklift driver can remove the goods.

  • Connectivity: Windows®-based software programs and industrial touch screen PCs provide connections with barcode scanners, floor scales and other networked devices to trigger the system's size measurement. Then, you can transfer the data and images of each device to the management system.

Independent intellectual property rights

From 3D system design and optimization, to algorithm and software design, chip design and development, we have completely independent intellectual property rights.

Take the lead in mass production

The product has been in mass production since 2015, and the algorithm and hardware have been iteratively optimized.

Full platform compatibility

The product can adapt to the diverse application scenarios of major manufacturers, and can be widely used in TV, mobile phones, robots, VR/AR and other fields.

Application sceneApplication scenario

The front 3D camera of the mobile phone can realize 3D face unlock, AR camera and other functions

Mobile phone/tablet

The 3D structured light camera on the front of the mobile phone can realize 3D face unlock, AR camera and other functions;

3D face recognition

3D face recognition

The 3D sensor camera can be applied to 3D face recognition authentication in scenes such as face-swiping payment, face-swiping withdrawal, face-swiping access control, face-swiping security check, etc.;

3D sensing smart living room

Smart living room

The 3D sensor camera is used with a large-screen TV to provide users with AR education, games, somatosensory fitness and many other contents;

Robot 3D Vision

Robot 3D Vision

The robot four-in-one vision system can quickly realize the functions of 3D map creation, obstacle avoidance, and navigation;

3D scanning

3D scanning

Obtain 3D image information of the object through scanning, and build a 3D image model;


Three-dimensional body measuring instrument

Quickly measure body shape data, intelligently match product sizes, and personally customize clothing;

Product parameter

Longtian Optical Radar redefines computer vision

Measuring range Maximum cargo size: (L × W × H) 96 × 96 × 96 in Minimum cargo size: (L × W × H) 12 × 12 × 12 in
Measurement increment 0.5in
Network Interface Need a static IP address
Throughput 300-360 pallets/hour
Performance characteristics Most surfaces can be captured, including transparent, translucent or shiny surfaces
Object placement Single pallets should be placed in the center of the target area for best performance
Minimum tray height 4.25 in wooden pallet
Measuring shape Solid shape; protrusions of 2 in or smaller will be included in the size
Lighting conditions Operate in most warehouse indoor lighting environments
Image format Standard 640×480dpi .bmp or .jpg file format
Installation overview Fixed to the ceiling by suspension cables or installation beams, minimum installation height: 13 ft, sensor position height: 11 ft, barrier-free floor space: 10 × 10 ft, target area: 8 ft × 8 ft directly below the center of the device
Physical size (L × W × H) 150 × 150 × 34 in
power supply 93-264 VAC
Operating temperature 14°Fto104°F(-10°Cto40°C)
humidity 0-90% non-condensing
Mechanical environment grade M1
Electromagnetic level E1
warranty period Two-year limited warranty
(Note: 1ft=30.48cm, 1in=2.54cm)