Long Tian Apparatus Electronics Co.

Longtian Apparatus Electronics Co., Ltd.

About us

Guangdong Longtian Smart instrument Co. Ltd. was founded with registered capital of 10 million RMB in 2016. The company set up Longtian Apparatus Electronics Co., Ltd., Kunshan Longzhitian Equipment Co. Ltd., Longtian intelligent instrument (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. three wholly-owned subsidiaries. The company headquarters in the Qiaotou town of Dongguan City. In November 2016, the company obtained the “National High-tech Enterprise” certification. The company is a small and medium private technology enterprise with the prospect of great growth and development in the industry.

The company’s branch offices are set up in Wuxi, Wuhan, Zhuhai, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places, the marketing channels are distributed throughout China. Our products are exported to Korea, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, USA etc. The company has a modern standard plant, has implemented total quality management, and adopted the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company has more than 50 invention patents. The composite measuring instrument of our company can provide double Z axes design with two independent moving vertical axes, simplifying the measurement cycle of complex 3D workpiece, improving the measurement flexibility; the accuracy can reach 0.003mm.

Relying on its own strong R&D strength and according to customer special measurement requirements, the company can make the machines or measuring systems custom-designed for customers to meet their special requirements.

Main Products:

1.Precision Measuring Instrument

Full duplex automatic coordinate measuring instrument (double Z axis), automatic composite 3D video measuring machine, automatic video measuring machine, semi automatic video measuring machine, manual video measuring machine, tool measuring microscope, automatic three coordinate measuring machine (CMM), articulated arm coordinate measuring machine, three dimensional scanning measurement system that have been widely used in precision hardware, electronics, PCB, mold, stamping, connecting parts, watches, mobile phone, LCD, LED etc.

2.Machine Vision Automation

Our business also includes Industrial automation, vision (Size, Defect) inspection, machine vision system etc.

At present, the company has cooperated with domestic and foreign famous machine vision hardware and software team, in printing, trademark, metal forming, pharmaceutical, bearing, glass bottles, rubber tires, FMCG, agriculture and other fields has successfully developed machine vision inspecting systems and applied in practice. At the same time, the company relies on the accumulation of geometric measurement, optical detection, image processing, software technology, can according to customer needs, provide from the overall plan, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and customer service etc. the package solution.


Development History


In December 2005, Dongguan Longtian Apparatus Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.

In September 2008, the YonYou ERP system was introduced to fully realize E-management.

In November 2012, China's first composite automatic coordinate measuring machine was developed.

In November 2013, obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification

In June 2014, Kunshan Longzhitian Equipment Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu branch) was established

In August 2014, became the first student unit of Shenzhen Inamori Kazuo philosophy school.

In September 2014, won the Council Members of Dongguan City Qiaotou town Chamber of Commerce

In December 2015, won the "Dongguan Qiaotou town outstanding enterprise" title.

In July 2016, The committee of Labour Union of Dongguan Longtian Apparatus Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.

In September 2016, Longtian intelligent instrument (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. (Hongkong branch) was established.

In October 2016, Guangdong Longtian Smart instrument Co. Ltd. was established.

In November 2016, Longtian Apparatus Electronics Co., Ltd. obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification.


Company Philosophy


Go through the world with precise measurement.



Let the human into the nano world

3.Business Objectives

Create value for customers

Provide platform for employees

Create wealth for shareholders

Create benefits for society


4.Business Philosophy

People oriented, Customer oriented, Team friendly, Strive for excellence


5.Core values

Diligence, Modesty, Reflection, Gratitude, Love, Optimism, Responsibility, Innovation


6.Quality Policy

Quality first, Customer first, Honesty, Continuous improvement